This page provides a history of my gaming experience and promotions from all the clubs I am a member of.

This table of battle results are from all of the e-mail games I have played since I started in early '97.

Battle Results Major Wins Minor Wins Draws Minor Losses Major Losses Total
To Date 142 64 103 42 114 465

Current Club Commitments


Colonial Campaigns Club - Joined/Created 02/00

Order of Tecumseh 1812 Campaign Ribbon Battlefield Completion (50 or more completed games)
Bladensburg Brandywine Bunker Hill Burlington Heights
Germantown Queenston Heights Yorktown Special Battles

Promotion to Miko Ossi (Colonel) 05/03
Assumed Command of the Indian Alliance 02/03
Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel 11/01
Resigned as Secretary of War 10/01
Stepped Down from the Training Facility 09/01
Commander of CCC Training Facility 07/01
Promotion to Major 05/01
Secretary of War 04/01
Resigned Presidency 01/01
Promotion to Captain 01/01
Promotion to Lieutenant 08/00
Promotion to Ensign 07/00
Promotion to Sergeant 05/00
Promotion to Corporal 03/00
President 02/00
Private 02/00

CSA/USA Civil War Gaming Club - Joined 03/98

Richard S. Ewell Medal ACWGC 1999 Service Ribbon ACWGC Tournament 2000 (T2K) Ribbon
ACWGC Death of a General Tournament Ribbon ANV Top Gun Tournament Ribbon
ACWGC Field Citation Ribbon ACWGC Field Citation Ribbon ACWGC Field Citation Ribbon ACWGC Field Citation Ribbon ACWGC Field Citation Ribbon
ACWGC OCS Service Medal ACWGC OCS Service Medal

Stepped down as CC, II Corps, ANV  11/03
Commander, II Corps, ANV  11/02
Commander, 3rd Div., III Corps, ANV  08/02
Transferred to III Corps, ANV  07/02
Transferred to I Corps, AOG  02/02
Resigned as 4th Div. CO.  02/02
Commander 4th Div, II Corps, ANV   7/01
Returned to active duty, II Corps, ANV   7/01
Transferred to II Corps, ANV Reserve   3/01
Stepped down as Invalid Corps Commander (ANV Reserve)   9/00
Perm Rank - Lt. General Lt. Gen. 7/00
Invalid Corps Commander (ANV Reserve)   5/00
Perm Rank - Maj. General Maj. Gen. 2/00
Artillery Reserve Commander, I Corps, ANV   2/00
Stepped down as Commandant, VMI, CSA   1/00
Commandant, VMI, CSA   9/99
Perm Rank - Brigadier General Brig. Gen. 9/99
Perm Rank - Colonel Colonel 3/99
Brvt. Major General Major General 1/99
I Corps Commander, ANV   1/99
Lieutenant Colonel 12/98
Major 12/98
IV Corps, 2nd Div. Commander   10/98
Captain 10/98
Fld Lieutenant 04/98
2nd Lieutenant 03/98

ACWCC - Joined/Created 04/98
Now the Department of Strategic Campaigns

ACWCC Board of Directors Service Ribbon ACWCC CSA Army Service Ribbon ACWCC CSA Army Combat Action Ribbon ACWCC CSA Army Virginia '62 Campaign Ribbon ACWCC Quartermaster Ribbon ACWCC Tournament Ribbon

Stepped down as ADC 11/00
Stepped down as Div. Head - Technical Div. 01/00
Stepped down as Div. Head - Scenario Div. 12/99
Div. Head - Scenario Design Div. 08/99
Div. Head - Technical Div. 06/99
Aide de Camp 06/99
Board of Directors 04/98
General - COA - CSA 04/98 - 07/98

Napoleonic Wargame Club - Joined 07/98

Iron Crown Legion of Honor Medal Militiare Commander Ecole Valor Cross Ordre Confederation du Rhin

Promoted to General 03/05
Promoted to General de Division 11/03
Commanding Officer 21st Division, VII Corps, ADR 5/03
Returned to active duty, VIII Corps, ADR 7/01
Retired to Reserve Corps 11/00
Aide de Camp VIII Corps, ADR 02/00
CO 2nd Brig, 19th Div. VIII Corps, ADR 01/00
Stepped Down as Commandant - Ecole de Mars 01/00
Promoted to General de Brigade 10/99
Colonel 07/99
Lieutenant Colonel 05/99
Commandant - Ecole de Mars 05/99
Major 04/99
Captain 01/99
Lieutenant 07/98

Modern Battles Club - Joined 08/01

VC Army Awards 7/02 - Present
Medal of Victory Staff and Engineer Corps Medal Patriotic Service Medal National Liberation Campaign Medal
Central European Campaign Ribbon Field Service Medal Annihilation of Imperialist Medal Vietnam Tank Combat
Presidential Citation Ribbon Outstanding Service Medal (for more than 1 year in a staff position) Vietname Air Defense Medal

US Army Awards 8/01 - 7/02
Defense Meritorious Service Medal Good Conduct Medal Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal Saudi Arabia Liberation Medal
Army Valorous Unit Award Presidential Unit Citation Nato Membership Medal
Combat Infantry Badge
US Army Recruiter

Trung Si Nhat (Staff Sergeant) 10/03
Assumed Post of Secretary of State 07/03
Assumed Command of the Asian Forces 06/03
Trung Si (Sergeant) 05/03
Ha Si (Corporal) 12/02
Assumed Command of the Viet Cong Squad 7/02
Transferred to the Viet Cong Squad 7/02
Private First Class 12/01
Private 08/01

Panzer Campaigns Club - Joined 08/01

Resigned from Club 07/03
Resigned Command of US Army 07/03
Promoted to Sergeant (Perm.) 05/03
Promoted to General (Brevet) 02/03
Assumed Command of the US Army 02/03
Promoted to Corporal 11/02
Promoted to Private First Class 09/02
Private 08/01

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