Suggested techniques for managing your files when playing games by e-mail.

File Management - seven steps - courtosey of A.R. Charles

Different email programs use different methods. The steps I use are specific to Winzip and Outlook Express. However, I will list the steps here, if that helps:

1) I receive a move from my opponent.

2) I copy the zipped attachment to the required directory, (for example, d:\BGG\GB) overwriting any existing zip file of the same name. This ensures that I have no "old" turns on my hard drive -- only the latest move. I leave my opponent's email in my inbox.

3) I unzip the file to a new temporary directory D:\BGG\GB\S001, for example.

4) I "cut" (not copy) the game file from its temporary directory and copy it to the proper game directory. Again, this ensures that I have only the latest move.

5) I delete the zip which I just received. This prevents me from returning it to my opponent. I also delete the temporary directory.

6) After playing my turn I create a new zip file and ship it off to my opponent. I always create a new zip -- I never use the option "add to zip". Only after sending off my turn do I delete my opponents email from my inbox. This way I am always aware of who is waiting for a turn.

7) I retain only the last two or three moves in my "Sent Items" email folder in case of technical difficulties and a move has to be replayed.

Although tedious, this method ensures that I only have the latest move on my hard drive. It has happened in the past that I have received turns in error that were hours old, which makes me wonder how some others manage their files.

File Management - by Richard Hamilton

I have some similar practices as the above mentioned process, but I use Eudora Pro for my e-mail client. Unlike Outlook Express, in Eudora you can set the directory to which your attachments will download when you check your mail.

I set mine to C:\Temp. I then know, if there is a file in temp, it needs attention.

I open the file, either through the e-mail program or by using Windows Explorer.

I then unzip the .bte file into the appropriate directory (i.e. BGG\GB) overwriting the old file.

I do my turn.

Once completed I return to win zip and use the "Add" feature. I select the file and add it, this overwrites the old file in the zip file.

I then return to my e-mail program. I too leave all messages in my in box until I have addressed them, either answered them, or completed the turn. I usually use the reply feature. I attach the updated zip file and send it on its way.

As a last step I return to the C:\Temp directory and delete the old zip file.

Personnaly I do not keep old game files at all. While this is a good idea I think I would just end up getting them mixed up. In the 100+ games I have played I have only needed to go back 2 or 3 times, so I have not found a big need for this as of now.

We hope these two brief guides are helpful to you and make your gaming experinace a little bit better.

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