File Associations

Please note the image file below. It is a shot of some of my 1776 files off my computer. The images I will be referring to are the ones on the left side.

The .pdt file and .bte file both have small "flying windows" icons for them. This means the computer does not have a program associated with that file type, or to say it another way, if I double click on that file the computer will not know which program to use to open it. So...a window will come up saying "Open with..." and you will need to choose a program. For a text based file I choose Notepad.

Now the .oob and .scn file have a small blue notebook beside them. That's because I have gone through the above procedure before and opened them with Notepad. Then the computer created an association for that file type and it recalls it every time I double click on one of those files.

To change an association do this. Once in Windows Explorer go to the "View" menu. Then go down to the bottom and choose "Folder Options" or "Options" depending on which version of Windows you are in. Select the "File Types" button. Then select the type (oob or what ever) and click the "Edit" button. A new window will open up, then select the "Open" option in the bottom windaw and click the edit button. A third (and final) window will open. The box that says "Application used to perform action" is the one you need to change. If you are doing this for oob, bte, scn or pdt files the line in that box should read: C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE

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This page updated on 07/27/00.