Procedure on how to start a new Campaign game.

From the main program group select the appropriate Campaign Game icon. For this example we will use the War of 1812 game. So our icon will be called "Campaign 1812".

This will bring up the main campaign splash screen. Choose "Start New Campaign". A window like this will appear:

Select the campaign you wish to play, I am going to select the "War of 1812" campaign. Then click "OK".

The program will ask you to save your file. Name it something easily recognizable for both you and your opponent. I also suggest adding 3 zeros to the front of the name, as this will place the file near the top of the list when you go to add it to your zip file.

Next this dialog box will appear:

In this box you select the side you wish to play, and the mode you wish to play in. Against the A/I (two selections) or PBEM. For our purposes we are going to use the PBEM option.

Also on this page there is a selection box to "Use Expected Values". You DO NOT want to do this when playing PBEM. What this will do is automatically resolve the battle for you based on the decisions you make. This will totally bypass the tactical battle and move you on to the next decision point.

And finally is a section which lists all the possible starting points within the campaign. If you leave it at the top selection you will begin at the very beginning of the campaign. However you can start that campaign at a later point if you wish by selecting one of the other options.

Once you have made all your selections on this screen you are ready to begin. Click the OK button. You will now be taken to the "Overview" screen which provides you with some back ground information on the campaign you are getting ready to play.

Once you have read the description, click the "Continue" button.

You will then be taken to the "Situation" screen. This will give you further, specific, information on the action at hand. Click the continue button when done reading.

Next we are taken to the "Decision" screen. Here you are given a choice, normally 2 options are presented, but there can be as few as 1 and sometimes more than 3. Based on the information you have read to this point you will need to make a selection. The choice you make here, and the one your opponent makes when he gets your file, will determine what scenario you two will play. Click the "Continue" button when ready.

You will then get the following message:

And you will be returned to the main campaign splash screen. The file you need to e-mail your opponent is the .cpf file. So for this particular game I would e-mail my opponent the 000test.cpf file.

When your opponent gets the .cpf file he needs to place it in the main game directory. He will then repeat all the steps above, but instead of starting a new game he will continue an old one. He selects the file and he is taken into the "Situation" dialog box. He will make a decision as well, and then be prompted to send the file back to you.

When you get the file back, choose to continue a campaign and then select the appropriate file. A dialog box will pop up with a message giving you a bit of information about the upcoming battle:

Click OK and the game will start. When it does the following selection box will be displayed:

Here you have options to set the A/I. Manual gives you complete control of your forces. Commander Control gives you command of only certain leaders. They can then issue commands and the computer will carry them out. Automatic has the A/I play your side completely. This box also allows you to set the optional rules for the game. When ready click OK.

From this point on you play the game as normal, just remembering to send the .cpf file instead of looking for a .bte file. Once the battle is completed, if there is a second fight in the campaign you will automatically be taken to the appropriate screens.

Sanctioning a Campaign Game

When starting a new campaign game, go to the registration form as normal. Register the first scenario, and where it say's Campaign Game? put - Yes, 1st battle of the xxxx campaign. (where xxxx = "War of 1812" for example)

You will then be issued a game number and a campaign number. (CG34 for example)

Then, submit your end game report when ready and note the campaign game number in the notes field. When sanctioning the second game just place this in the Campaign Game? box - Game #2 in CG34.

Points awarded are based on the results of the battle(s) plus the total number of games played in the campaign and the final victory condition.

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This page updated on 07/27/01