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For use with Campaign Gettysburg

The ZIP file contains three files: Generate.exe (the program itself), Generate.hlp (a help file that goes with the program), and Generate.dat (a data file that the program uses). These files should be unzipped in the main Campaign Gettysburg folder (the folder with the main program, the OOB's, PDT's, and the scenario files, not the Campaign sub-folder with the campaign scenarios in it).

To use the program, just double-click on the Generate.exe file. In XP (what I'm using now) you get a small window - though maybe you can change this with some Window parameters. This is an old DOS based program that I have updated, though not upgraded, so there is no mouse support. Pressing Control highlights hotkey letters on the pull-down menu bars. You can select the map and OOB that you want to use, and then set the parameters to employ, or pick from a list of predefined parameters. Context sensitive help is available at any point in the program by pressing F1. The only files generated by this program are scenario files, and a file named PERCENT.TXT. The latter file contains a brief summary of the scenario files generated - a listing of the percentage of the forces for each side that enter the game, and an average percentage for all files generated. Every time you generate a file this information is appended to the PERCENT.TXT file (i.e. it is not automatically erased prior to generating new scenarios).

PLEASE NOTE: The scenarios generated by this program are not for everyone. First, only the large maps are used. Second, the program places units as reinforcements around the edges of the maps, i.e. there are no on map units at start. It can easily take 15 - 20 turns before there is any contact, though it is possible in far less time than that depending on the entry hexes used. If you don't like, or aren't willing to engage in maneuver, then this won't be your cup of tea. For a complete description of the program workings and the effect of changing parameters in the program, see the pull-down help listings.

Provided by Doug Strickler

Download Here

This page updated on 08/13/04.

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