The French & Indian War


The French and Indian War game is the third title in the Early American Wars series from John Tiller and HPS. It covers the North American theater of the greater conflict known as the Seven Years War raging around the globe. This title picks up with skirmishes occurring in 1754 and goes until 1760 when things were pretty much settled in the New World. There are 183 scenarios included along with one major and four mini campaigns.

Historical & What If Scenarios Covering:

Crown Point
Fort Beausejour
Fort Edward
Fort Frontenac
Fort Levis
Fort Necessity
Fort Niagara
Fort Oswego
Fort Stanwix
Fort Ticondaroga (Carillon)
Fort William Henry
Jumonville's Glen
La Belle Famille
Lake George
The Monogahela


There are two different approaches to campaigning covered in this title. The first are mini-campaigns. The four included are designed to cover various "snap shots" of the war. Each one contains two to three small engagements focused on a particular series of events. For example, Washington's Wilderness Adventure is based on George Washington's first solo military command and his first meeting with the French, and ultimately the beginning of the war.

The other approach is in a large, hypothetical campaign. This one put's you in charge of your entire army for the New World, and you will be given choices as to what course of action you will take for the campaigning season of 1758.


Crown Point - 100 x 100 hexes
Fort Beausejour - 100 x 100 hexes
Fort Frontenac - 60 x 60 hexes
Fort Levis - 150 x 150 hexes
Fort Niagara - 350 x 150 hexes
Fort Oswego - 150 x 150 hexes
Fort Stanwix - 120 x 102 hexes
Fort Ticondaroga - 195 x 165 hexes
Isle-aux-Noix - 100 x 100 hexes
Lake George - 400 x 500 hexes
Louisbourg - 250 x 300 hexes
The Monogahela - 200 x 300 hexes
Quebec - 630 x 630 hexes
Random 1 - 200 x 130 hexes
Random 2 - 80 x 150 hexes
Random 4 - 70 x 45 hexes
And numerous sub-maps.

Some New Game Features:

Heavy Mortars at the Seige of Louisbourg

Play options:

Campaign features

Where to go to order the game

HPS - available after March 7th.

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