GUI OOB Editor Page

Below is the newest versions of the G(raphical) U(ser) I(nterface) OOB Editor, for both the
Battleground Series as well as the Campaign Series (Boath Early American War and Napoleonic).

Click the image above to download the Campaign Editor. Updated 08/10/02
This works with Campaign 1776, War of 1812, Campaign Eckmuhl, Napoleons Russian Campaign & Campaign Corinth.

Add on Target Files for Napoleon's Russian Campaign, Campaign Corinth and Campaign Eckmuhl (fixed), by Geoman. Updated 7/28/02

Click the image above to download the Battleground Editor.

This is the only version of the editor manual availible, but it should get you through both versions of the program.

Designed and programed by Dominik Derwinski at

This page updated on 08/30/03.

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