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AH Squad Leader-Eagles Strike Conversion Project
THE 100% UNOFFICIAL Avalon Hill Squad Leader Conversion project is an ongoing endeavor of mine to convert the bulk of the old Advanced Squad Leader scenarios that I have laying around to Squad Battles: Eagles Strike format
I had planned to do both ES and P&F, but I am not going to overstep my boundaries here and I am going to start with the most popular of the games first. The focus will be solely on 2 player games for PBEM play and these scenarios will not be identical duplications of the original versions, yet they will serve as a basis on which to recreate these great battles.
This should move relatively quickly as 80% of the info is right there on the sheets. At the moment I have over 20 scenarios ready to go. When these scenarios are completed, they will be posted in the table below for downloading. Check back periodically.

ASL-ES Scenario Project Notes
Squad Battles is not ASL and vice versa.
In comparison of board vs. computer games, the prior usually has the advantage of being quite a bit more detailed. Due to the fact that a board game is not limited by the Mhz of a PC processor, Eagles Strike will enhance these scenarios in some way and take away in others.
For instance, Adv. Squad Leader didn't have any OOB structure concerning leaders and SB has a much more detailed weapon database than ASL. Although this detailed approach to individual weaponry and the OOB exists, one can not argue that ASL rules go quite a bit more in depth on many things. Hundreds of pages of rules usually tend to do that.

Secondly, given the mechanics of ASL vs. the mechanics of SB, I have taken and will continue the liberty of embellishing upon these scenarios by adding or removing certain elements to create balance for the Eagles Strike system.
Lastly, I am not pawning these off as ASL replacements, just as versions of the original ASL scenarios in SB format. Each person can take or leave them as they please. This project is not Eagles Strike trying to be ASL. This project is ASL becoming Squad Battles.

Morale Levels and combat experience.
I am a firm believer in the fact that many American made wargames and American scenario designers assign a level of morale significantly higher to US Army units in Europe than that of what most actually possessed. From all I have read, the majority of all Americans who participated in WWII were "Citizen Soldiers" who were drafted and thrust into a war quicker than they could blink an eye. These same men had to learn the ways of war by surviving it almost exclusively, and this is what makes their achievements even more amazing in my eyes.
I also believe that given the nature and freedoms that Americans possess in the way of free speech and other rights, that discipline and questioning of orders was a larger problem in comparison to that of the German Army.  I base this on the social environment that each nationality of men entered service from and I apply it to the overall morale rating for my scenarios.
Lastly, I have also taken into account the amount of combat an American Army unit would have to see to be labeled "Elite" or "Veteran" in comparison of their German counterparts. The following is the table I constructed and used in the creation of these scenarios. I rolled two 10 sided dice as percentile for each squad present and assigned the corresponding rating.  Table
I had originally intended on using generic versions, and this may still happen for a few, but I come bearing great news! John Tiller has recently expressed his personal interest in this project and has offered to rounded up Dave Blackburn to create replicas of many of the original ASL map boards! Yes, you heard me correctly; brand new maps. With this happening, this project may be about as close to playing those old ASL scenarios that one can possibly get with a PC. Many thanks to John and Dave for this excellent addition to this project!
*note the first scenario is finished, and will stand as is.

Orders of Battle and Gear
Equipment and strength is coming straight from the ASL scenario sheet, add a few twists of my own.
OOB's-Anyone who used to play ASL is aware that the OOB is usually pretty vague. The extent of the unit description is usually along the lines of  "elements of  such and such unit", etc. That said, a detailed research on each of these actions (over 20) would be a very lengthy and engrossed project, so I am sticking with what is on the sheet unless I personally know the unit that was in said battle. Besides, the OOB's are not completely inaccurate and just a little more general than usual.
To any potential knit pickers, please refrain from sending me the "this isn't the right unit" OOB correction e-mails. These scenarios are for fun more than anything and the "Historical Purist" will probably find a wealth of small errors.
Just enjoy yourselves for once you knit picky grognard bastards! LMAO.
Morgan's Stand
Bar De Luc, France
11 Sept 1944

     US 253rd Inf Rgt
    312th Fusilier Rgt
Heer Attack
US Defense
Size Medium

Buchholz Station
Buchholz, Germany
16 Dec 1944
ASL Scenario  I
   L 3/349 , 99 Inf Div
      Fusilier Rgt. 27
    12th VG Division
Meeting Engagement Skirmish
Size Medium
Light Vehicles

Ranger Stronghold
Salerno, Italy
14 Sept 1943
ASL Scenario T3

US 1st Ranger Battalion
   16. Panzerdivision
Heer Attack
US Defense
Size Medium
Light Mortars
Gavin Take
Chef du Pont, France
6 June 1944
ASL Scenario T1

US 507th Para Regiment
      1057th Regiment
91. Luftwaffe Field Div.
US Attack
Luftwaffe defense
Size Medium
No support
Thrust for a
Martelange, Belgium
22 Dec 1944
    US 4th Armd/ CCA
 Fallschrimjager Regt 15
      FJ StuG Bgd 11
US Armored Breakthrough
Urban Environment
Size Medium
Updated 4/11/03
Patton's Prayers
Warnach, Belgium
23 Dec 1944
   US 4th Armd/ CCA  
 Fallschrimjager Regt 15
 US Attack
 Heer Defense
Size Medium
Artillery / Mortars
Armor / Air
Sons of the Reich
Krinkelt, Belgium
17 Dec 1944
Tactiques ASL TAC10 "Get Up Kids!"
   US 3/393/99 Inf. Div.
 US 3/23/2 Inf. Div
 277.Volksgrenadier Div.
KG Müller, 12SS PzDiv.
 SS Probing attack
 US Defense
Size Small
Light armor
AT Guns
Breezeless Day
G. Rederching, France
02 January 1945
ASL Scenario AP3
   US 44th Inf. Div.
  776 Tk. Dst. Bn.
  749 Tank Bn.
 17.SS PzGr. Div "GvB"
  SS sPzJgr Abt. 635
 SS Armored Breakthrough -
 Meeting Engagement
Size Large
A lot of Armor/
Mortars / Air
L'Abbaye Blanche
L'Abbaye Blanche, France
07 August 1944
ASL Scenario AP4
   US 120th Inf. Rgt.
  US 386th Tk. Dst. Bn.
 2 Ko. SS PzGr Rgt 3. "Der Führer"
 SS Probing attack
 US Defense
Size Small
Light armor
AT Guns
Assenois, Belgium
26 Dec 1944

    US 4th Armd/ CCB
 Gr. Rgt 15 / 26 VG Div
 US Armored  
Size Medium
Mortars/ Artillery
Poupeville Exit
Poupeville, France
6 June 1944      
 US 3/501 Para/101 AB
       III/1508 Inf. Rgt
airdrop/ urban combat
Size Small
No Support
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